About Us


Dean Blackstock – Owner & Lead Clinician

We’re up front with our clients from the start so they know what we can do for them and they know what’s expected of them. When I designed Vitae Spine and Wellness Centre I wrote down the most important things that I valued. As the centre has grown over the years it’s these values that have kept me and the clinic grounded.

  • Be hungry to learn – we are always learning new things to help us serve our clients better.
  • Be authentic. – We’ll always strive to be sincere, genuine and honest.
  • Create bonds. – We want to create trusting and lasting relationships and we do this by being relatable, empathetic and truly caring, not just for our clients but for each other.
  • Fun – I’m someone who has always loved being in an atmosphere where fun, laughter, and energy is high.

Since qualifying in 2004 I’ve been privileged to help many people do those little things that really makes a difference to them. Don’t get me wrong pain is very important, but life is for living and there’s no sweeter music to my ears than “Dean I’m sleeping well again”, “I can play with my kids”, “I’m back gardening” along with all the others.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you get back to enjoying life!