Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession. This means me and my fellow chiropractors have extensive training in the examination and diagnosis of conditions which can cause back, neck and joint pain, amongst other things.

So what do we see at the centre

  • Sciatica – That pain that travels down the leg, sometimes from your buttock down into the calf or foot.
  • Injuries associated with sports such as; Football, Rugby, Running, Crossfit, Cycling and many others.
  • Neck pain and stiffness.
  • Symptoms arising from poor posture and shoulder tension.
  • Cervicogenic headaches – those headaches that seems to come from the neck and travel up into the head.
  • General, acute and chronic backache.

Our treatments are tailor made to deal with the pain first, but also deal with the reason why your pain is there.

In strengthening the body for the stresses of modern living, we want to get you back doing the things you love in a way that doesn’t re-injure the area.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, we’re not for you. If you’re looking to get your health back on track, get well, get strong and enjoy life as you want to… Welcome to Vitae Spine and Wellness Centre!

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