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We are a dynamic, patient orientated chiropractic clinic, located in Tonbridge, Kent, passionately committed to giving the highest quality of care. We are passionate about educating people on their health to empower them to make better health choices to help them live their best vitae.

Hand and Floating Vertebrae

Chiropractic Treatment

We see a range of complaints such as; Low back pain, Neck pain, Generalised joint pain, Sciatica, Cervico-genic Headaches, Sports injuries and more.

Our treatments are personalised to you to deal with the pain first, but also get to the reason why your pain is there.

Many people report their overall health also improves with Chiropractic care. So from maintenance to pain relief, we’ll listen to your needs and help you use Chiropractic to be your best self.

Life Coaching

Our Master practitioner uses a range of techniques such as NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy to help people work through a range of challenges. Helping individuals get ‘unstuck’, moving from where they are to where they want to be is the key.

If you’ve been struggling, or feel stuck in a rut, Coaching could help you identify the answers to your questions and help you achieve your goals!

Life Coaching
Chiropractor treating Sciatica


A great way of managing stiff muscles and joints but also an effective way of enhancing quality of life by enhancing the chiropractic experience. Muscles and joints are so closely linked many people find relief in regular massage to combat the stresses of modern day living.
Our therapists are also trained with a variety of techniques to help during pregnancy, another group who can really benefit from massage.

Sports Chiropractic

As avid sports people ourselves, we love working with professional football clubs, Olympians, professional boxers all the way through to recreational sports individuals. We know repetitive movements can sometimes aggravate joints and muscles increasing the risk of injury.

Assessment and personalised exercise plans can really help individuals maximise their sporting activities.

Sports Injuries treated at Vitae Chiropractic
Vitae Chiropractic Tonbridge Kent TN12 6RR

Where are we?

Our chiropractic clinic is conveniently located in Moat Farm, Whetsted Rd, Five Oak Green, Tonbridge TN12 6RR, and free car parking is available.

Check out our services and book online or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Address : The Old Office, Moat Farm.
Five Oak Green. TN12 6RR
Email : enquiries@vitaechiro.com
Phone : 01892834422
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