The Vitae Chiropractic Team, Tonbridge ,Kent

Tonbridge Chiropractor, Dean Blackstock of Vitae Chiropractic

The relationship we have with our clients means we’re both working towards a common goal. Feel better. Move better. Live better.”

Director & Chiropractor

Hi I’m Dean, co-owner at Vitae. Having been a Chiropractor since 2004 I have a simple aim for each and everyone I work with. Help them feel better, move better and live better. Chiropractic can be an empowering tool. I want you travelling, playing sports, gardening, travelling. Pain is only one aspect of health. It’s important not to become sheltered in life, but to be better and stronger at dealing with life’s stresses and challenges. 

Through talks, speaking engagements & social media I am committed to helping people better understand their bodies, health and minds. Find out more by following myself and Vitae on instagram and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you get back to enjoying life!

Director & Chiropractor

My aim with every person who steps into Vitae, is to allow their body to function at its optimum and to empower you to live the best quality of life possible.

At Vitae we’re interested in your pain, of course, however its more than that. It’s about helping you understand how you can live optimally, expressing and enjoying life by having your body functioning at it’s best through chiropractic care and by providing advice on nutrition and exercise. 

Can’t wait to see you in the clinic!

Joe Triolo, Chiropractor in Tonbridge at Vitae Chiropractic

My definition of living…the ability to carry out everyday activities to the best of your abilities and that is precisely my goal as a chiropractor..”

Ben, Chiropractor at Vitae Chiropractic in Tonbridge, Kent

My passion is studying human movement and educating people about how to move, feel, and perform better..”


My name is Ben, I’m originally from the home of Robin Hood, Nottingham. I’m a chiropractor working at Vitae Chiropractic, Tonbridge, Kent. Alongside working at Vitae, I coach and practice at Royal Docks CrossFit in East London.

So, who can I help? I have worked extensively with people from all ages experiencing wide ranges of pain and compromised performance. I listen to your story and together we set a plan to get you back where you want to be. Along the way my goal is to give you the right tools and confidence to effectively address any reoccurring hiccups life tends to throw at us.

My passion is studying human movement and educating people about how to move, feel, and perform better. Although by trade I’m a Chiropractor, don’t expect to spend all your time on the table being ‘cracked n wacked.’ Rather, I have seen how chiropractic treatment, along with proper human movement and strength training, achieves the best results for my clients. In other words, the best intervention is an active intervention. We will work together to identify and correct patterns of movement that may be compromising your health and your daily or athletic performance.

Saskia, Vitae Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Tonbridge, Kent


My name is Saskia and I’m a Chiropractor at Vitae Chiropratic. My goal is to provide a high standard of individualised, patient-centred care to help you function to the best of your abilities. I use traditional Chiropractic techniques combined with myofascial release, exercise rehabilitation, and dry needling (Western medical acupuncture) if required.

Pain and dysfunction don’t tend to spark out of nowhere. Although you may feel sore in one particular area, this can be the compensation of an underlying imbalance in a muscle or joint elsewhere in the body. Because of this, I like to assess the whole body so I can find the exact root of the problem and treat accordingly, with the aim of preventing the issue from reoccurring.

I enjoy treating people from all walks of life, from newborns and children to the elderly and from manual labourers to athletes. Having ridden and competed horses all my life and also competed in Modern Pentathlon and 10m Air Pistol Shooting, I have an interest in Sports Chiropractic and the biomechanical requirements of the body to function in different sports. 

Massage Therapist

HI I’m Michaela, Massage Therapist at Vitae,Tonbrige, Kent. Having graduated from the London School of Soft Tissue Therapy I’m passionate about helping others feel and move better through the tools gifted with massage. Whether sports related or for stress reduction, relaxation, pregnancy, digestion, posture etc. massage can help with a range of complaints. Looking forward to meeting you at the centre and helping you get back on track or just feel even better than you currently do!! 

Massage Therapist at Vitae Chiropractic in Tonbridge

I’m passionate about helping others feel and move better through the tools gifted with massage..”

That’s us, a friendly and experienced bunch here to help you live a better Vitae life. Book today to find out how we can help you.
Vitae Chiropractic is located at Moat Farm, Whetsted Rd, Five Oak Green, Tonbridge TN12 6RR.